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  1. Abigail Jerip says:

    Dear ROSF,

    I am writing to inquire if there are intern positions available at your NGO foundation.

    I am Abigail Jerip, a simple girl from Malaysia. I am 4 months away from completing my medical degree (MD) in Russia. I have been very passionate about women’s health and by God’s grace would like to specialize in O&G, which I believe He has called me to.

    I have confidence that women’s health in not merely the absence of physical ailments, but the wholeness of mind, soul and spirit. I believe your foundation caters to that very aspect of women’s health that we medical personnel tend to ignore, unfortunately, all too often.

    On my part, I give dance classes to my fellow foreign students here. Due to language barrier (English is hardly spoken in Russia), we foreign girls find it hard to live active and productive lifestyles. We tend to fall into sedentary and depression over the long winter months. The Lord freely gifted me with dance and I share it with the girls equally freely. I see them come out of insecure (and unfounded) feelings of worthlessness and gain such self-worth, self-love and inner strength. Praise Him.

    Over the course of teaching dance, I fellowship with girls from Nigeria, India, Sri Lanka, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Mozambique, Brazil, Columbia to name a few. Many tell of the hardships of being children of single mothers, either by divorce, sheer abandonment or untimely passing. I have been richly blessed with parents that stay together lovingly, and would like to channel such blessings in a way that glorifies the Lord. The church ministry where I serve whole-heartedly caters to women post-abortion (not that we condone it. We provide a support group for the recovery, repentance & reconciliation unto Him and future prevention), crises pregnancies, single mothers and troubled relationship.

    I cannot stress how excited I am to hear from your foundation. I was immensely thrilled to read about the foundation in CNN. I have such a deep admiration for the founder, respected Madam Alakija, F.. It is very encouraging to see a God-fearing woman initiate such a transformation in women’s welfare, emulating the Woman of Proverbs 31. I would like to mail/e-mail/fax a copy of my CV and personal statement. Do, kindly, supply a contact address, email, fax number please. Thank you.

    Abby Jerip.

  2. shaye says:

    what is happening in 2012…any new updates.Most of your activities focus on 2010 – 2009, what has happened so far this year. plesae update your website

  3. Daniel Agyei DOMFEH says:

    Dear Sir/ madam,
    I have taking time to read a lot on your site and I must say that the God who blesses should bless the entire team for the great work you are doing for the society.

    I am a Ghanaian and wanted to know if you would be prepared to assist in supporting especially in monetary terms to women who need little cash for trading for trading and paying them back with small margins just cove up administrative costs and restoration of value.
    I am a banker and have always wanted a way to support women in trading activities.

  4. Raquel says:

    Where can I purchase the book “Growing With The Hand That Gives The Rose” ? I’ve checked Amazon and did not find it. I want to purchase for myself and my young relatives as gifts for the holidays.

    Thank You

  5. Kwabena Eson says:

    hi i am young ghanian who is into events and am much happy with your works

  6. TRAN KIM HAN says:

    We need to heip, please.

  7. TRAN KIM HAN says:

    Happy new year prosperity and success.
    We need to heip, please. We hope to the rise in our lives in 2013.
    PLEASE help us.

  8. Robert Tracy says:

    As a christian and a serial entrepreneur that is a global humanitarian I see so many organizations provide handouts but never encouragement to create a new future with there outreach. So i would encourage you to create in the widows and orphans a new vision of a future now. As business owners so they can empower themselves as well as lift up the next generations powerfully. I personally through skype in 2012, taught 1200 women in Ghana how to business owners in the shea butter industry.

  9. jas0112 says:

    Hi my name is Jasmine Swimmer I’m a young designer here in Toronto,Canada.

    I design and make menswear I will be throwing an summer men wear event for youth and young adults,most are black males from in poverish neighbourhoods from around the city however they still embody the heart and drive of what it means to be a strong man and it doesn’t matter the hardships they have been through but the fact they are alive ,healthy and are educated with a driving force they are unstoppable.

    Many of our guys are athletes,students,dropout,homeless,business men etc… but all have one thing in common a drive to be better to do better for themselves and their communities. I read your story in Forbes and I had to research you, just to see what God has put in your heart to do change and affect lives,I’m amazing. Like you, I believe God has given me talent to design and make clothing to bless people those that many don’t look for or think about. So I’m starting with Men.

    I’m just 19,but I feel it’s time for me to speak out and help, God gave me this dream ,I havent thought about money or whose going to help me but I do know this is a start and I have God and we are moving forward and starting a movement of change with or without your help this is and still will be a great opportunity.

    I would love to have you on board to sponsor this event just to see all the great youth and young adults that will be involved and the young talent such as youth photographers,designers,models,writers,athletes etc… that really are trying to make a difference ,start up their business and enjoy an event that’s all about supporting them and their dreams.

    Thank you so much just even for consideration..
    God Bless.

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