True stories


2 Responses to True stories

  1. Halima j. Abubakar says:

    I am a widow with six children. My last baby a boy is an autistic child who has persistant siesure. I have to spend alot on his drugs and also take care of the other children. Due to all this trauma i am now hypertensive. Please ma i need your help to sustain the family. I am a retired civil servant, for almost four months i have not been paid my pension. I can’t even go out to get other business to do the boy wold have convulse before i come back. Please ma kindly think of a way you can help me out. Thanks and God bless.

  2. I would to provide training to widows in the fields of investigations if there is an interest., I feel I have skills which I can share. Would like to hear your feedback.

    Kind regards,

    Cheryl Thomas, CEO Vogue Investigations, Inc.
    NC PI 2453
    PDC 2962

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