Our team

Board of Trustees. L-R, Mrs. Ifeozo, Mrs. Aprezi, Mrs. Osho,

Founder : Mrs Folorunso Alakija

Treasurer : Mrs Gladys Ifeozo

Publicity secretary : Mr Bassey Essien

Secretary : Esther Osho

Members of the board of trustees:

Tanya Hume-Sotomi

Doris Braimoh

Cynthia Aprezi

Stella Awoh

Project Officer: Mr Osiewe Anetor

Legal adviser : Philo Esiene

Auditor : Kehinde Olabode


21 Responses to Our team

  1. Mrs.Ann Eburuo says:

    Please I need help in any way you can .Please dont ignore me.I beg you in the name of the Almight God.

    Mrs.Ann Ngozi Eburuo

  2. John Stevens says:

    Dear Folorunso Alakija,
    We are in London too and if you would like to meet Cliff Lee Taylor to help with your fund raising I can arrange a meeting when you are up.
    Best Wishes,
    Jonn Stevens
    CEO Uzi Productions Ltd.

  3. bolaji says:

    Dear sister Folorunso
    i commend your work your kindness to humanity and mankind and pray GOD our creator would continue to bless you and your family amen.
    I actually reside in london primrose hill with my husband and two daughters and our big daughter is an international fashion model but my reason writing you is we would like to meet you whenever you are in london again by the way i was also a member of staff of IMB and was with kenneth Iwelumo foreign exchange dept also Mrs Brumme Emeka Dike Patricia Otaru and was the youngest girl then in foreign exchange dept and i left the bank in 1984 Aunty please contact me on 02079160331 or 07949468595
    I totally love your efforts and your philosophy to life please call i shall be grateful god bless

  4. Lambo Abidemi Hamod says:

    The GOD of gods, KING of kings and LORD of lords well remmber u too, cuz u have remmber the Widows who are hopeless and u geve them Everlasting hope and joy and they her heart is full of hope, faith, joy and happiness, bcuz u help them when they are in needs of help, may Almighty Continue to bless u and ur family in JESUS name (Amen). And I will LOvE to meet u. My Name Is ABIDEMI LAMBO HAMOD , I Work at I-Skill ltd, 290a Ajose Adeogun Street Victoria Island, And this is my number ma 08023936060 pls I need your help ma…..

  5. Kekere-Ekun Olutope says:

    Pls I need your help. Kindly send your phone number and time to call.

  6. Kekere-Ekun Olutope says:

    Please send your phone number. I need your help.

  7. MJB says:

    Nigerians are always asking and asking for something! Why don’t you people ever ask what you can do to help this foundation? You always want something for yourselves! I’m glad to see such foundation exist in Nigeria. I’m in the US and I hope to visit Nigeria one day and would love to volunteer myself to mentor some of these kids!

  8. iye mike says:

    I will love the works in Benue to be established, may the great God of heaven support The Rose of Sharon Foundation

  9. Margaret samuel says:

    I am happy that God raise you to wipe widows tears,God will enlarge your coast,olease i need your urgent assistant,i am a widow and a primary school teacher starving because i am not paid for the past 4months and i have children in polythechnics starving pls come to my aide. My no 08036052624.

  10. I am inspired! Love from Melbourne, Australia.

  11. Lola says:


  12. jennifer says:

    Dear Mrs Alakija i applaude you for your work thus far with the Nigerian Widow. I have a project trying to set up, trying to tell people about truths that could save a life, give hope and cause transformation.It’s called the clean slate project the aim of the project is to enlighten and educate Nigerians about the little things that are ignored which if changed could result in significant positive change. Our first campaign is the CPR campaign to
    create awareness of the importance of Cardio Pulmonary resuscitation, train families, communities and the nation, give out free first aid boxes, manuals,and DVDs hold seminars and let Nigerians know that saving a life should be the impulse reaction rather than taking one. I would love for you to be a part of this. Email @jaytechglobal@yahoo.com , +2348035165614
    looking forward to hearing from you
    Kind Regards

  13. brianinyang says:

    Your good work is noted in heaven and surely, you will reap eternal reward. I am Brian sylvester Inyang, from Nigeria but residing in the United States. I am currently a Masters degree student in Public administration / Human resources. I would like to work for you because i love what you are doing. Below is my number is +19196416741. I would really appreciate recieving a call form you.
    Thank you and God bless you.

  14. Bawa Osi Abdulwahab says:

    Am a graduate in search of job. I left Nigeria for liberia and am finding it still hard with life. I just want to ask for assistance in getting a job back in Nigeria or any other country. Am a Building Enginner. I also do Architectural designs and prepare Bill Of Quantity. This is my number +231888032870. May God Bless You All

  15. ikenna says:

    pls i want to ask if Esther Osho is single…i want to thank her for her effort to make the org grow…my regards to her…07064644109

  16. Ethel Lopez says:

    Hello Mrs Folorunso Alakija, my name is Ms Ethel Lopez from Colorado Springs, Colorado. I am working on behalf of an organization called A Just Cause. We work to help widows, and other indigent families who have loved ones who have been wrongly convicted and now serving time in prison. I would like to discuss with you the prospect of working with your organization in accomplishing this goal. Please contact me as soon as you can to discuss. I can be reached at 719-434-2404 (mountain time), or by email

  17. Prince Paul Okpanku says:

    Dear Aunty Folorunso Alakija,
    Good work for Christ, God will continue to strengthen your organisation, am amazed and impressed with the things you are doing to ameliorate the hardship facing our poor widows. God in His infinite mercy will reward you aunty Folorunso. please i will like you to extend your good work to my locality in Abia state, particularly my community, there are lots of poor and helpless widows in my community, please come to their aid. I am an Abuja based legal practioner with Royal gate Attorneys, my mobile number is 08032250074 email : pokpanku@yahoo.com.
    Thank you in anticipation of your favourable reply, Accept the assurances of my highest regards.
    Yours Faithfully,
    Prince Paul Okpanku Esq.

  18. Mummy Folorunsho Alakija’s story is a confirmation of God’s word that says ‘He raises a man from the dungeon and sets him upon a throne’. Hearing you speak at Pastor Effa Emmanuel’s Church here in Abuja has not only encouraged me to dive into my next dimension in ministry and business but it has also strengthened me to sail across the storms of life. Mummy, you aint ordinary. You are God’s pencil in rewritting the story of an African woman. I am embarking on a literary journey into your ideologies and principles for success in life. I would do a research of your early days and perhaps a psychoanalysis of your temperamental disposition responsible for your poise and zeal. Much more love. Please google ‘Evangelist Charles Awuzie’.


    I am Pastor Stephen Adesiyan ,the Assistant Pastor in charge of Niger Province 2 of the The Redeemed Christian Church of God with the provincial headquarters in SULEJA, Niger State with CorporatecSocial Responsibilty mandate. In this respect , we have several initiatives which among others seekmto cater for widows and orphans For instance, in February 2013,we commenced our Opewration Feed 5000 programme to provide foodstuffs for widows and their families.Our territory covers SULEJA, Madalla,Izom DikoKoton Karfi with a lot of rural poor who urgently need the love of God demonstrated through acts of charity such as scholarship for orphans and children of widows, provision of foodstuffs medical out reaches etc
    I will therefore be glad to know in what areas you can assist/collaborate with Ustinov positively impact the lives of these vulnerable ones.My telephone number is 08059252744
    Thank you
    Pastor Stephen O Adesiyan
    Asst Pastor in charge of Province, CSR

  20. Aduke says:

    My name is Aduke, I’m from a divorced home, I scaped through being the victim of separation till this moment, have been nursing a dream since in me and have been waiting for a miracle to happen, I want to be a designer, I’ve always loved that,

  21. Aduke says:

    My name is Aduke, i’m from a divorced family, in my little time in this world have experienced the pain of separation, but i’m glad I scaped through not being a victim of separation…it’s my dream to be a designer and have my own Fashion line bt we cant all be fortunate 2 be born wit a silver spoon…i realy wnt to make impact ön d sand of time, you’re my role model, i’m not asking for money in2 my account, i’m asking for ur moral and financial help to help me actualise my dreams, i wnt to help sheld light in2 many lives,i dnt want to be like most girls down my street,i dont to wake up oneday and consider my life meaningless…help me, u wil never regret it,help shed light in2 my life or i wil jst become useless sumday…have had lots of dark moments in my life…the rape,times i hate myself,d lack of people loving me, daddy not being there atall, mummy simply helpless…i want you to help actualise my dream personally…even if it means being ur maid…i just want to be a success and i’m sorry if a lowly girl like me aim too high in life.my no. is 07034397187

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